A Day in the Life: September 22nd 2017

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This is my first “A Day in the Life” post!  We got moved into the Airstream two days ago and I’m sitting outside on a cold Colorado morning typing so it’s going to be a bit briefer than I would like.  We’re getting settled in and I’m excited about this next chapter of our journey.

September 22nd was mostly focused on the Airstream.  We had hoped to move in the 23rd but didn’t actually get moved in until the 27th, such is life 🙂

Here’s a peek inside our day.  We were staying in our 16th place for the summer.  A friend’s house which seemed to be quite mold-safe for us.

A Day in the Treehouse Daily Life September 22nd, 2017

I hadn’t been feeling well for a couple days so I slept in until almost 9!  I rarely sleep past 7:30 so this was exciting for me.  My hubby doesn’t go to work until the afternoon so he’s able to get up with our son on occasion (he also doesn’t get off until close to midnight so usually he sleeps in and I get up).

I didn’t have much of an appetite so I started some ginger tea.  


While it simmered I went upstairs to do some Yoga.  I love Yoga with Adriene’s videos and did her Gentle Yummy Yoga workout.  It was just what I needed on a blah morning. My son joined me for the end of the video.

Since we won’t have Internet access in the Airstream I purchased a bunch of videos from her website and got them downloading while we were going about our morning.

Then we headed downstairs, I sipped on my tea and read my devotional while my son played with the toys belonging to the Grandson of the gal we were staying with.


My devotional on the Kindle.  The Kindle lives in a plastic bag to help keep it clean from little tiny hands.


I got some chicken started for lunch and we got going with school time.  We are homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method using the Ambleside Online curriculum.  It’s FREE and most of the suggested books and resources are free on the Kindle so it makes our mold-avoidance lifestyle a lot easier.

We start out with making our daily schedule.  After each task, we take a 2-5 minute break.  We usually do some of our reading over lunch as well.  This was our school order for the day:

Then it was time for a quick lunch and heading over to work on the Airstream.

My son was excited because he got to use his RideSafer vest in my car.


Safe & secure in the RideSafer vest


It’s usually in my hubby’s car and he has a convertible car seat in my car.  We were getting his car seat cleaned so he used the vest.  We love how flexible it is to use and that it’s small enough to fit in his little bitty backpack.  My car is red and he likes to pretend to be a firefighter in the vest so we were off in our firetruck to the Airstream!


Checking the water pressure.

(spoiler alert- we decided to not have plumbing for the time being)


To the Airstream!! We measured windows to make curtains, checked H2O pressure, and organized our storage unit.  We decided to just move in the bare minimum essentials at first to make sure it felt ok and mold-free enough.  It’s been remediated twice so it should be ok but we are still being really cautious.


There is a peacock that lives at the storage unit we’ve been storing the Airstream at, he loves my husband’s car


Then it was back home to work on curtains for hours.




I got them all measured out- we’re going to have 3 layers of curtains that we can adjust for warmth, light, and privacy so it’s been a lot of work! We had a quick dinner of leftovers, a shower and then I crashed and went to bed around 8 with my son.

Thanks for taking a peek into my day 🙂 Keep your eyes out in December for the next Day in the Life.  My friend Reb over at A Humble Place is hosting a link-up and reminders if you want to join us for the next Day in the Life.

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