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We Made It!!

I wrote this the other night on our first night in the Airstream.


We made it.



made it.png

Here’s our moving by the numbers:

We’ve been married 11 years9– the number of places we’ve lived for at least 6 months


479– the number of days since we moved out of our Longmont apartment and started our 1st transient summer
28– the number of places we’ve stayed since moving last summer for at least one night
4– the number of places we’ve stayed since moving last summer for at least one month
11– the number of roommates we’ve had since moving last summer
51– the number of bins we got rid of in the mold purge
15– the number of bins we have to move in

My son will be 7 on October 19th. He has lived more places in his life than many adults. It’s been a long time coming for this dream to be a reality. I’m writing on our first night. He’s sleeping soundly and my hubby will be getting off work soon. I’m exhausted in every sense of the word. It’s almost October and I’m pretty sure September passed in the blink of an eye. It’s been a wild ride.


So much went into this moment.  The prayers of people around the world. Hours upon hours of work. Help, encouragement, and strength from individuals near and far. Support and assistance from so many people I’ve never even met that it truly humbles me to think about. Late nights spent pouring over forums, web searches, and Facebook groups to find the safest products and learn how to keep our home mold-free and healthy. Researching literally every single product that would come in down to things like toilet paper and socks.
The last few weeks have been full of sleepless nights. Days where I was so sick I had to drag myself out of bed and wondered how I was ever going to have the strength to get to this point. My husband leaving to come work on our home while I laid in bed or in a tent with a little boy who was worried about his mommy. So many tears, anxiety, desperate prayers, and stress. This moment felt impossible. There were next times where I thought it was more likely we’d remain homeless. At times I felt so sick I wondered if I’d make it to even get to have this moment of our own place.
Here we are.
There is still work to be done, items needing to be replaced and the matter of a full-time parking place. We’re still considering our options to transfer somewhere else with my hubby’s job. So much is up in the air still and our journey and struggling aren’t over yet.
However when my son said “welcome home Mommy” and we got I parked and in today I felt calm for the first time in months.
Our own home. After almost a year and a half of having roommates, borrowing space from family and friends.
It’s been since we were in high school that we’ve lived in rentals. We’ve never had a place we could change as we please. We have never had a place to call our own.
The rest of the details will work themselves out. I fully believe the Morale miracles are not done yet and God will continue to help us with the provision to get our winter gear, a more permanent parking option and continued health.
For now, I’m going to bask in this home. Going to bask in all our hard-work that all three put in to get to this moment. As I lay down to sleep tonight I’m going to think of all those who have helped us get here and how incredibly grateful and awestruck we are.
Treehouse Daily is finally home.

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