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The Great Mold Purge

Know what’s a drag?  Getting rid of nearly all your stuff…

The last few weeks have been HARD. I’m sure this process is hard for everyone.  It feels especially difficult because we work SO hard to carefully select everything we purchase, we try to shop at small businesses whenever possible and we’re very picky about the quality and manufacturing standards of what we buy.

As we’ve been purging, it’s not like we’re just getting rid of stuff.  It’s like we’re saying goodbye to relationships.  A lot of the items we’ve purged came from companies that no longer exist, businesses I got to know really well at my old job and small brands we searched hard to find.

We’ve been pursuing minimalism for a while so all the gift people have gotten for us has been carefully selected as well.  It’s been hard to part with things on that emotional level.  I didn’t expect the memories of getting items to come back, memories of who we shopped with and the process of tracking the items down.  Memories of communicating with business owners when they announced they were shutting their doors, or celebrating with them as they expanded.

I love supporting small businesses.  It is such a joy and a delight to walk the journey with them.  I just never, ever imagined it would be this hard to purge the things that came from them.

We’ve been extremely thankful that many companies have helped us to replace some of our belongings as well.  We’ve been very carefully packaging away our new things as they come in.  Many people have sent along cards and notes.  We’re building new memories, new relationships, and new partnerships.

This journey often seems more than I am capable of handling emotionally.  I write almost every day but I’m not publishing most of what I’m writing.  I may someday.

Many days I feel so lonely I feel like I might suffocate, and other days I feel so covered in love I could almost float in it.  Please continue to reach out, continue to text & send messages.  This whole process has been scary, overwhelming, frustrating, difficult and richly blessed with love and miracles.

Starting over from scratch sucks.  I would never wish it on anyone ever.  I am grateful for how God is sustaining us and helping us along.  Thank you for following along too 🙂

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