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Day 3 How To: 40 Days of Simplifying & Minimalism

Today in our 40 Days of Simplifying & Minimalism we’re setting ourselves up for success.  Downsizing is an inevitable part of this process.  Don’t be scared, I’m going to help you make it easy and successful!  We’re in this together friends, I’m always an email away if you have questions.

3 Steps to Prepare Yourself For Success

#1- If you didn’t complete the Day 1 challenge, do so today.
#2- Remember our 3 basic principles from the intro video.  
#3- Tell your family about this journey to get them behind you and supporting you.  If they’re not ready to downsize their own belongings, that’s OK!  This is your journey. At the very least, set the expectation this is something you are doing and ask that they respect that.  Often family members will come alongside after they see your journey.


I don’t want you to run out and buy organizational items (we’ll talk more about those in a couple days).  All I want you to have for this journey are:
* Water and healthy snacks
* A playlist with your favorite music or your favorite Spotify/Pandora station
* 7 boxes, bins or bags. 
 Your local liquor store or Costco are good places to get boxes for free, check Craigslist or your local Freecycle too.  You could also use trash bags.  No need to buy anything special.
*** Ideally, we are keeping things out of the landfill so I don’t have you creating a ‘trash’ bag.  If you have a few items that need tossed, take them to the trash, let’s do our best to keep things out of the landfill.  
If you choose today, purge somewhere that will be an easy victory for you.  Food storage containers are a good place to start.   Most of us have WAY too many and lots of sets missing their match. Match up lids, evaluate how many containers you actually use and purge the rest.  You may want to consider swapping to glass containers and purging all your plastic.

You don’t have to purge anything today. Prepping your supplies, family and mind is plenty!    

Share your journey on Instagram with #treehouse40days, let me know how it’s going in the comments and please share this on your personal social media networks
. I’m a growing blog and I so value and appreciate all the support I get!

~ Thanks so much for joining me on thsi 40 day adventure!

1 thought on “Day 3 How To: 40 Days of Simplifying & Minimalism”

  1. But I love to keep the glass storage containers- even if all of the tops are missing! JK, you’re totally right. Great ideas!


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