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Mason Monster Review

Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my new favorite things.  The Mason Monster!photo 3


I was thrilled when the company offered to send me some products to try out.  I love mason jars and use them for everything.

Mason Monster makes two products- a drinking lid called the Eco EZ Sipper™ ($6.99 retail) and the Eco Insulator™ ($6.99 retail for the pint, $7.99 retail for the quart).

photo 4
Back of Eco EZ Sipper™
photo 3
Teal Eco EZ Sipper™
photo 2
Thickness of Eco EZ Sipper ™

The Eco EZ Sipper™ is made from bamboo fiber, rice husk and organic plant material.  It is dishwasher safe but will compost (which I LOVE) when you’re done with it.  It’s BPA free and makes a nice, tight seal in a regular mouth mason jar.

Really the only downside of the lid for me was having to wet the gasket the first few times in order to get it to stick.  Once it’s in there there is a great seal and it stays in there firmly- my son has dropped a full glass on the group and the top didn’t pop out and only a bit leaked out the hole.  I like that unlike other drinking lids you don’t have to use the canning ring (plus you get a great “pop” like a wine cork when you take it out).

photo 4
Eco Insulator™


The other thing they make is this great koozie the Eco Insulator™.  I’ve said so many times I wish I had something to keep my drinks warm for longer.  They are made out of 3mm EcoLite Neoprene, they sit flat once are on the jar, they come in two sizes (pint and quart) and keep things insulated for hours.  No more reheating cold coffee!  They work for drinks, soups, food, etc. Plus, check this out- they’re reversible so you get two fun color combinations!

The other side is hot pink!
The other side is hot pink!
Teal and burgundy (looks great with some red wine!)
Teal and burgundy (looks great with some red wine!)
Black and Purple
Black and Purple

The downside of these for me is that the quart size is a hard to get onto the jar. I had no issues with the pint but the quart took some fighting. You do want to make sure to put these on BEFORE you put anything in the jar (or use a solid canning lid on if you need to put the sleeve on afterwards).  I like them for hot drinks and will for sure use them to keep my mason jar salads cool this summer.  I don’t use ice so I haven’t tested these with a drink with ice in it but judging by how well they keep things warm I’m guessing it won’t be a problem to keep things cool as well.

Overall I like these much more than the other drinking lids I have for my Mason Jars.  I feel like I get a much more secure and leak-proof fit and I like the “mouth feel” a lot more than the plastic-y lids. I hope to see a wide-mouth lid in the future since we have way more wide-mouth than narrow mouth jars.

photo 5
Quart jar with insulator and drinking lid


Visit them at today and check them out for yourself.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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