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My Essential Oils are FINALLY organized


This might sound like a silly thing to get excited but I’ve been trying to come up with a good way to organize my oils for months…  I’ve had them in a container under my sink and it’s been driving my bonkers having them so disorganized.

I didn’t want to buy something since we’re trying to save money right now.  Then one afternoon while I was helping my son organize his room I came across this little wooden box from a toy set he got.  Perfect!!!

For the most part I have them separated by brand because I tend to remember what brand I have which oil in.  The compartment on the middle right is the oils I use most often so I can quickly grab them when I need them.

I’m super happy to have something more organized.  It is making life a lot easier when I need to grab an oil and I’m loving not having to dig through a big container to find what I want!

Horray for organization!



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