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Wait… just wait…

For a few years now we’ve heard God say “Wait… I have something big coming your way.”

We thought that He would stop saying it when my husband got a job in his field about 6 years ago- God said “this isn’t it- keep waiting…”

We thought it would go away after we had a baby- instead it was “nope, keep waiting….”

Then about a year ago we started hearing “Don’t plan to stay in Lakewood… just wait…”  We started looking for jobs other places thinking we were going to be moving out of state… we hoped a miracle would happen to pay off our debt and go into missions… nothing but “wait, trust me…”

Three months out from our lease being up and we still had no idea what would happen but we knew our housing situation was awful so we said we wouldn’t be renewing a lease.

Two months out and no change… just “wait…. trust…”

One month out and we still had no change.  One night we sat down and my husband said “I guess we should come up with some sort of plan?” to which I replied “Do you feel like God wants us to have a plan?” “Not really” he replied…. “me neither, but the human side of me wants at least some sort of a make-shift plan…” so our make-shift plan was that we would camp for a couple weeks after our lease was up and then stay with some friends for a while while we waited.

10 days before our lease was up we had started packing and I was starting to feel stressed and not wanting to camp for 2 weeks with a 3 year old.  My human nature was kicking in and saying “Hey, you really ought to have a plan” and as soon as this thought would pop into my head I could almost feel God hugging me and saying “It’s ok- just wait”

Then my husband gets a phone call on a job he’d applied for a couple months ago.  A job I found at 2am when I couldn’t sleep one night that popped up on the very top of my Facebook news feed from a business who I’d been enjoying their products for years….  he applied on a whim and assumed he wasn’t being considered after never hearing anything.

Well, he got an interview and was offered the job on the spot as an overnight employee so we knew we had to move about an hour and a half north of where we’d been.

Finding an apartment was tough and we got one FIVE days before our lease was up.  Now those of you who know me know I’m a very type-A planner and I really wasn’t all that stressed… I just kept hearing “wait, you’ll get a place…”

The place we ended up is the nicest place we’ve ever lived.  The moment we walked into the leasing office it felt like home and we’d looked at 6 other places already and talked to about 20 on the phone.   We just waited and trusted…

This was the most difficult period of waiting we’ve ever experienced in our marriage.  It put us totally down to the wire and we both stayed remarkably calm and trusting.  The day after we moved in we both felt like God said a mixture of “I told you so.” and “Good job trusting me… now wait….”

To a certain extent the restless feeling we’ve had almost our entire marriage is gone of God telling us to wait and that something big is coming.  But doors are closing left and right of what we *thought* would be happening in our life after moving up here.  My husband LOVES his new job and we’re loving this town.  We had thought for certain Colorado was going to be part of our past and we’ve never felt more at home.

We’re still hearing “something else is coming…” and still have a huge heart and feel a call to begin our missionary care and support non-profit in the future.  Our big step now is finding a church to support us through that and getting the last $10,000 worth of debt paid off.

10 years ago I don’t think I would have waited- I think we would have found a place in Lakewood and signed a lease- it’s awesome to see how far we’ve come.

Thanks for journeying along with us.  And thanks for understanding that I’ve been kind of MIA with such a big and sudden move about 6 weeks ago.

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