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My Magnesium Journey Part 1….

So the other day I can across this article from one of my very favorite bloggers- CHEESESLAVE.  It was about Magnesium deficiency.  I had actually been told years ago that I had this and had taken Magnesium for a while and stopped when I got pregnant and forgot all about it until I found this article.
Recently I’ve been battling a lot of anxiety which I had been dealing with years ago and had totally gone away.  I’ve been taking Rescue Remedy to help and it’s still not doing as much as I would like,  As I read this article which lists 30 symptoms of being deficient I realized I have 20 of them pretty regularly and another 5 of them sporadically.   One of the symptoms I found most interesting was chocolate craving…. I literally crave chocolate pretty much 24/7 lately and that’s not typical for me at all. In spite of how militant I am with what I eat and chiropractic care I still experience these.   I think it’s getting worse lately because we eat a mostly local diet and this time of year there’s not a lot of veggies available locally that are naturally high in magnesium. So I decided to delve into supplementing with magnesium again and did TONS of research.  Most Americans are magnesium deficient (if you want to know more the article I linked above is awesome.)  As I researched I found many doctors believe that most illness and mental illness can be linked to a magnesium issue.

We started using Epsom salts a few months ago as a way to help get better sleep after I read about magnesium boosting sleep.  Most experts suggest 2-3 sources of magnesium for a deficiency and let’s face it- as much as I’d like to take a daily Epsom salt bath it’s just not going to happen.

So I am trying out Natural Calm and a magnesium oil.  I will share with you any changes I notice.  All I ask in exchange is that those of you who personally know me remind me to take it every day 🙂  I’m hoping it will help.  Thanks for joining me on my journey!

In case anyone wants to know more about my Symptoms here are the symptoms from the article I shared above that I experience:

Aggression- regularly
Anorexia or loss of appetite- Not anorexia but my appetite has been LOW
Back pain- daily
Body odor- no
Confusion, brain fog- daily
Constipation- daily
Coronary spasms- occasionally
Cravings for chocolate- constantly
Difficulty swallowing- occasionally
Exhaustion from exercise- occasionally
Fatigue- daily lately
Growth retardation or “failure to thrive”- I’m small…
Hyperactive reflexes- regularly
Impaired memory and cognitive function- regularly
Impaired muscle coordination (ataxia)- occasionally
Insomnia- frequently in the last few weeks
Irregular or rapid heartbeat- frequently lately
Insulin resistance- not sure
Involuntary eye movements- regularly
Irritability and anxiety- started out minor and now almost daily
Muscle cramps, twitches- occasionally
Muscle weakness, fatigue- just in the last few weeks
Nausea and vomiting- lately
PMS – including menstrual pain and irregularities- montly
Seizures- no
Spasms- no
Stiff and aching muscles- daily
Tics- no
Tremors- no
Vertigo- yes


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