American Culture: 1 These crunchy parents: 4

Ok, I’ve been a little behind on my posting lately.  I just finished up a HUGE event at work and it pretty much consumed all my brain power for a few weeks.  It’s over now and was a big success and very fun- around 100 people and thousands of dollars in prizes plus lots of local vendors networking with expecting Mamas- awesome!!!!

In the last few weeks we’ve had a few victories as crunchy parents and I just had to share them.  


Victory #1– Our bitty J boy has been surrounded by candy canes the last few weeks and has still yet to realize they are edible.  He thinks they are just to hang on the tree… or to break into 197389047245089742305 pieces… 

Victory #2- We were over at a friend’s for dinner and the other kids were watching a movie.  He watched for a little bit and then got up and went to go play with the other toys- later he told me “I not watch movies”

Victory #3- He can name different styles and brands of cloth diapers and when I showed him a disposable he had no idea what it was.  

Victory #4- He can pronounce kombucha and water keifer (which my spell checker on this blog don’t even identify as words).  
However, American Culture is still getting a score on this one… for cell phones.  I use my phone all the time and kids mimic what they see- he pretends to text message and call people on anything even resembling a phone.  We’ve also been having issues with him trying to take phones from people at work when he sees them out so he is no longer allowed to have access to any cell phones, iphones, ipods or ipads. This has always been the rule at home and we’ve had to start asking family and friends to not give him access to these things as well.  He’s 2… what does a 2 year old need access to this stuff for anyway?

And in a victory not related to being crunchy but just a parenting joy- he is totally done with potty learning while at home.  We’re having problems when out and about though because he won’t go on the “big potty”… still wearing diapers while we are out and then he asks a zillion times to go home or go to work to go pee.  Anyone have advice on overcoming that?

1 thought on “American Culture: 1 These crunchy parents: 4”

  1. For my mid-kid, public bathrooms became a game/obsession for her. Every time we went ANYWHERE she claimed she needed to go potty. Truth was, she just wanted to check out the bathrooms. Maybe you could figure out how to make it into some kind of game for him? Kind of like the license plate game, lol! Only downfall is that he may become obsessed like M did!


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