Celebrating Six Months of Airstream Living

Six months ago we embarked on a journey we’d dreamed about for about three years.  Living in a tiny space was a BIG decision.  The first night after we moved in I kept thinking I was dreaming and it was going to end.  We’ve lived in rentals our entire marriage.  Not only was this a big move to a tiny space, it was our own place- FINALLY!

Currently, we’re stationary.  Our next big dream and goal is to be able to go location independent and travel full time.  I would suggest that people start out stationary, however.  Packing up and moving is a lot of work- let alone getting to know a new community.  The move from “normal” life to an RV is certainly quite different!  It’s been nice to be somewhere familiar, go to our regular grocery stores and develop a routine in one place.  

What we love about Airstream life-

*It’s been an excellent bonding time for our family
*We can deep clean the entire place in under 2 hours
*No stress about stuff- we have very little belongings because there’s just no space!
*The views- enjoying the incredible mountain view is a lot easier when you’re surrounded by windows!
*Our composting toilet
*The amazing glow of our salt lamps through the windows at night

Salt lamps are an essential for a Hygge space, and they help clean the air

*The whole place is full of Hygge
*Our beautiful Marmoleum floor

Shitake Marmoleum Floor

*Buttery soft sheets from SOL organics
*We all feel much less pressure for perfection

What we would change if we could go back in time:

*We’d have removed the fridge & put in a new one
*We’d have removed the furnace and used the space for storage (we have kept it perfectly cozy with space heaters.  In fact, we often struggle with it being TOO hot!)
*We’d have selected a different futon frame
*We miss having a table.  This isn’t really something we can change but we’re all ready for warmer weather so we can be at our outdoor table more often! We’re all tired of eating dinner sitting on the floor.

The only other negative is something else we can’t really change… we’re constantly tripping over my son’s toys.  

Toys, toys everywhere

We have to walk through his play area to get to the bathroom.  I see why some RVs have a sleeping area on both ends with a bathroom in the middle.

Overall, we’re loving our tiny little home.  We live out in the country and it’s INCREDIBLY windy.  We barely budge in winds that make our car rock (yay for aerodynamic design).  We’ve fallen into a good routine and are prayerfully hoping to be able to hit the road eventually.  Make sure to follow my Instagram to see more photos of our lovely home.

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