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Airstream construction update- Demo Days!

“Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream…” is our favorite song by Miranda Lambert.  We love singing it while we’re working on this beauty.  If Fixer Upper has taught us nothing else, it’s that there are ALWAYS curveballs in any project.  What we thought would be a minor demo has turned into something much bigger but is ultimately going to mean a healthier, happier home for us! I did a Facebook Live video from the Airstream yesterday but here’s the skinny if you couldn’t hop on and watch.


This is a concept I recently found out about.  It’s a danish word without an exact translation to English.  However, when my friend first told me about it I instantly connected with the concept and knew that it was the feeling I’d been trying to go for with this renovation.  The best translation is cozy or comforting.  I’m going to talk more about Hygge in the future but I really want to create a nice, cozy space in our home.  We’ve rented for the last 10.5 years of our marriage and before that we were in college renting.  We have always gotten hand-me-downs from friends and family for furniture, home decor, etc.  Obviously, we are extremely grateful for these things.  Now that we’re in our 30’s and finally have a place of our own we want to really make it comfortable, cozy and home.  Keep your eyes peeled for lots of Hygge in our home 🙂



This was our major curveball.  We debated doing anything with the plumbing.  Then when my hubby got to the renovations for our son’s sleeping area (see bottom left image) he discovered some shoddy repairs on the copper piping.  We’re now tearing up all the plumbing and replacing it with something healthier and hardier for the Colorado winters- we’re still trying to decide what exactly we’re going to use.


Original floor

The original was beautiful but was coming apart in a couple areas and we wanted to change the color.  The top layer was just a floating layer and it was really easy to remove.  Then it got down to chipping up the tile- along with a brief panic that there was asbestos in the tile (ours was asbestos free!).  The asbestos scare did get us thinking about wearing facemasks while we work so my son and I have really fancy face masks now.  We’re going to putting in some Marmoleum flooring.  It’s lightweight, easy to care for and one of the most safe & eco-friendly options out there.  Plus it smells amazing.  We got lots of samples that we’re trying to decide between.

Flooring samples- which colors do you like best? Let me know in the comments!


We’re installing some GFCI outlets and I’d like to get at least one USB outlet.  I also want to get a couple EMF blockers installed.

Sleep Spaces

Our son’s bed is going to be raised 2 feet (which involved completely removing the VERY well installed existing structure) so that he can have more storage underneath.  Right now it’s mostly water and the wheel well under there.  I would REALLY like to replace the foam on our bed with something a little safer and more environmentally friendly.  I need to do some more research about that.


My hubby has been working on plans for a fold-out table/extra counter space for us.  He also built an awesome shelving unit that’s going to go under the counter next to the door.  I am guessing once we get in and get used to the space we’ll want to change some of the other storage but for now we’re keeping it as is.  We’re also going to keep the fridge for as long as we can.  It works ok now- eventually it’s going to go out… that could be in a week or in a few years. My hubby works at Whole Foods so he can bring food home fresh every day so we don’t need a lot of fridge space.  If/when we hit the road we may wany something bigger or a cooler.  We’ll see!


Because we’re redoing the plumbing we’re going to do some work in the bathroom as well.  Obviously new flooring, we’re also going to do something really beautiful and fun with the sink/vanity area.  We are either going to totally replace the bathtub or just resurface it and install a filter for the shower.


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