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10 Steps to Deal With “The Place Things Go to Die” (aka the junk drawer)

Where in your house to things go to die? These spaces are usually filled with items we don’t know what else to do with, so we shove them away. You know what I mean, the junk drawer everything gets stuck in, the “file” box papers go in and never get touched again, the top of your desk, or that “organizer” that is in no way organized? Today is the last day that place exists. You may have many spots in your home, car, or at work like this. Today I’m going to teach you to say goodbye to these spots!
Remember our goal- a place for everything and everything in its place. These tips will help with downsizing every area of your home, not only the “junk drawer”. You may also want to review my Downsizing Tips & Tricks before you tackle this step-by-step guide
Step #1- Get out your bins you started on day 3. Locate a towel, blanket or handkerchief before you begin as well.
Step #2- Remove every item from the “place where things go to die” as fast as possible.
Step #3- Cover the pile with a towel, blanket or handkerchief. This may sound strange, the reason we’re doing this is because the longer we see an item, the more attached we become to it. Hiding the items helps us be less emotionally attached.
Step #4- Go through everything one item at a time and place it in the appropriate bins. Sneak the item out from under it’s covering one at a time.


Step #5- Anything left to keep MUST be something you have actually used in the last 3 months. Otherwise, you don’t need it and it can go in one of the bins & go away. Don’t keep items “just in case.” These moments rarely happen and if they do, they won’t be an emergency. You’ll be better served borrowing the needed item from a friend than storing it. (A first aid kit & holiday decorators are exceptions)
Step #6- Hang on to papers until Day 14 when I give tips on how to manage them.
Step #7- Take the remaining items and put them away with other like-items. If you have another item that is the same or very similar get rid of the one from the junk drawer, you’re not going to use it.
Step #8- Create a purpose for this space. Perhaps, this becomes where you store your first aid/ emergency kit.
If you cannot determine a purpose for this space, make a big note- use bright, bold colors- add some highlighter. Write “this is not where things go to die!” or “A place for everything and everything in its place”
Step #9- Keep yourself accountable. You may need to check this space/ start a habit every day to make sure you’re not dropping things off to die somewhere.
Step #10- Actually purge the items you placed in your bins. Don’t let them sit in the bins for months and certainly don’t remove items from them because you changed your mind!
Celebrate!! This is a spot many people put off dealing with- good for you for tackling it and owning it!
Repeat in any other space you’d like to downsize or have better organized. Share pictures of your finished project on Instagram with #treehouse40days

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