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Last weeks meals (and batch cooking!)


I am struggling to gain any weight back and have hit a weight I’m not comfortable with.  This week is my last strict- AIP week.  It’s been 2 full months and I’m seeing a lot of progress.  I know I still have a long way to go but I need to add in some more options for getting calories.

This week I did a BIG batch cooking day.  Temperatures have been close to 100 and I’m not enjoying being in the kitchen.  So I cooked up gobs of food and am enjoying being able to pop it in the toaster over to reheat.  Check out what I cooked up and enjoyed!


Breakfast– Leftovers- ground turkey, steamed spinach and Japanese sweet potato “hashbrowns”  Water keifer
Lunch – Nori rolls- leftover salmon, shredded carrots, sliced cucumber and coconut aminos (yum yum yum!)
Dinner– Soup- it was almost 90 in my apartment when we got home and I wanted soup… go figure.  I used chicken broth and just added in all the leftover veggies I had in the fridge and a bag of spinach and pureed away!


Breakfast– Leftovers- ground turkey, steamed spinach and Japanese sweet potato “hashbrowns”  Herbal coffee
Lunch– Chipotle (I had a BOGO coupon so I asked for a carnitas bowl but had them “split” it- they put the meat and lettuce in one bowl and everything else in another bowl.  I brought an avocado from home and my son ate the “other” stuff and I devoured my portion.  It was amazing.  My hubby also got a bowl with guac.  All 3 of us ate for $7.15!!!)
Dinner–  I spent 3 hours Tuesday afternoon going a big batch cooking session.  (More on that to come)  I snacked on veggies while I cooked and then had some beet kraut in the evening.  


Breakfast (batch cook breakfast)- Roasted sweet potatoes, steamed rainbow chard and my adaptation of these sausages- I doubled the recipe, added in 1/4 lb beef liver, 1/8 C maple syrup and used a different spice blend)
Lunch– Leftover soup, avocado with pink salt (my new favorite) and beet kraut
Dinner– The rest of the ground turkey and heirloom green beans with toasted coconut butter on top (so amazing- I love it!!!)


Breakfast   Same as Wednesday
Lunch 1/2 avocado with pink salt, beet kraut, lettuce
Dinner– Roasted chicken w/ carrots, onions and lamb broth


Breakfast– Same as Wednesday & Thursday
Lunch– Chicken liver spread (made on batch cook day from this recipe) with carrots, cucumber and kohlrabi to dip.  Beet kraut
Dinner–  Bacon, lettuce, nori


Breakfast– Leftover bacon and sweet potato
Lunch– Chicken liver spread, carrots, kohlrabi, cooling lemon chamomile popsicles after a parade “downtown” (I still use that term lightly in a town this size- getting used to not being near the city still!)
Dinner–  Lamb broth, roasted chicken w/ carrots, onions, and freshly picked rainbow chard (a new friend has a farm and let us come pick yesterday- so fun!! I sauteed onion and garlic in bacon fat, sauteed the sliced chard stems and added 1 cup of lamb broth- covered and steamed it all.  DELICIOUS.  Then I drank the leftover broth 🙂  These amazing peaches & cream  gummies for dessert


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