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One of my new favorite things!

We have been using cloth tissues for almost 5 years now.  They’re super soft organic cotton and are great for when we’re sick.  However, after years of a child who carries them around we’re down to about 15 from having 2 dozen.

I was browsing Etsy recently and found Hanky Book.  I emailed the founder, Leslie, and she wrote back offering to send me some for review!

I chose brown vine, birds and bikes:

These are a great idea and super unique.  Essentially it’s a hanky made into a more manageable form of a 10 page “book.” They are organic cotton and come in many different patterns (including an entire line just for baby with super cute designs!

We each took one and my husband is loving his as well.  He keeps it in his work bag and said he uses it frequently.  They wash up great in the washing machine and are very soft.  My son has bad summer allergies right now and he sleeps with his little hankybook next to his bed.  It’s cute and unique so it makes feeling lousy a little bit more fun.

I love these things.  I think they would make great gifts for new babies, frequent travelers, and anyone looking to reduce their impact.  Visit today and get a book for yourself!  At $8.95 per book these are well worth it- they’ll last for years to come and will replace a box of tissues!



Disclosure: I received free product in exchange for an honest review.

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