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What a week!

Hi blog-land.  Sorry for being MIA for a while.  It’s been an interesting week here in the Treehouse.

My husband’s debit card was hacked and then mine was hacked and then my Pay Pal was hacked!  All the charges are covered but it took lots of extra time on phone calls.  I don’t even know how these people do this… it’s fascinating, extremely frustrating and makes me really sad.

I’ve also been having loads of computer problems.  I have an almost 7 year old MacBook Pro and it just doesn’t want to do the things I need it to do.  I work as a blog writer and Virtual Assistant for 3 companies and my computer problems are making my work take 3-4 times longer than it should.  I’m having to restart several times an hour and getting SO frustrated I almost tossed my computer out of the treehouse yesterday.  I think I’m going to have to buck it up and buy a new one to have the latest software and such.  (We may never get out of debt…)

Then we all got sick.  Yep, all 3 of us are sick.  We sound like a coughing choir.  Complete with headache, and chills.  Other people who have had this bug say it lasts about 3 weeks.  We need it gone by Friday.  My son is getting baptized Sunday in church and we have lots of family coming into town for the service and tickets Sunday night to see the Colorado Mammoth so our life looks like this right now:





Taking the Master Tonic (on the left) that I made every few hours.  Man it’s spicy and intense but it helps.  The diffuser is running alternating eucalyptus, clove, and lemongrass.  I’m alternating Chestal and Lungs Plus.  Hubby’s been taking the homeopathic remedies.  And we’re putting Lympha Rub on a few times a day as well.  Came down with it Sunday and felt pretty ok Monday, blah yesterday but better last night and then the cough started last night.  I’m determined to knock this out…Drinking plenty of Family Immunity tea, eating raw garlic, doing coconut oil shots and doubled my daily FCLO dose.

Send us prayers for health.  It’s been such a long winter!!

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