What’s in my bag??

One of my favorite games at bridal and baby showers is the “what’s in your bag” game.  Basically, there is a list of items from obscure to common and everyone dumps out their bags and gets points for what they have.  

I carry a lot with me as a Mom into natural remedies and emergency preparedness…  I think I could win those games these days 🙂

Thought I’d share a peek of what I carry around with me in my bag (beyond the cell phone and wallet).  I use a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick tote right now (I also use a Ju-Ju-Be coin purse as my wallet).  I really like it. I’ve been using this bag for about two years. It’s way smaller than a purse and holds a TON… just you wait until you see what all I get in this thing.   However, the zipper is starting to go out on it so I am going to need to find something else soon.  

When I’m gone for a long day I usually toss it in my backpack with extra clothes for my bitty boy, coats, etc.  I have a lot of back and shoulder issues so I can’t use a traditional purse or a shoulder bag unless it’s for a super quick trip.

What's in that thing anyway?
What’s in that thing anyway?

So without further adieu let’s see what’s in there 🙂

I don't leave home without my remedies
I don’t leave home without my remedies

Rescue Remedy I never leave home without this.  The link will tell you more but it’s great for anxiety, stress, and emergencies.  I like the pastilles.  I carry a small dropper bottle of liquid for my son.  I’ll write a full post about it soon
*Energizing Spritzer my herbalist friend me.  If I need a little pick-me-up I just spray it
*Lympha Rub from TriLight health.  This is one I carry with me this time of year.  It’s a mix of essential oils for swollen lymph nodes and illness.
*Peppermint essential oil (sorry it looks REALLY dark in this picture).  I tend to get an upset stomach easily so I like to have this to whiff as needed.  I’ll also bring other essential oils if we have something specific we’re dealing with
*Bentonite clay.  I got this from this First Aid kit from 3 Girls Holistic.  It’s used for bug bites, stings, burns, etc.  I leave this out sometimes but always have it outside.
*Wound Wash.  Also from the 3 Girls Holistic First Aid kid.  This is a super gentle spray that helps soothe owies.  With an active old boy this goes everywhere. 
*Tilvee Remedy Balm.  I use this after I clean the owie with wound wash.  I also use it on irritated skin

I had some Bandaids but used them all up… note to self: get some more


I never, ever leave home without this

*Arnica is one of the very best friends of my family.  I’ll write a whole post about it soon 🙂 It’s a homeopathic remedy for pain and helps reduce bruising 






Skin care
Skin care

*Hand Sanitizer from Moondance Botanicals.  I’m not a huge fan of hand sanitizer but this one is a blend of essential oils and is good in a pinch if a sink isn’t available.
*Hard lotion bar from MadeOn.  It smells blissfully like chocolate.  I’ve been making my own hard lotion for some time but wanted to try this one out.  I absolutely love it- it has a better fragrance than mine and is much more solid.  MadeOn sells an ebook with the recipe and I plan to make my own after I use this one up.
*Chocolate Mint chap stick from MadeOn.  Chocolate Mint… what’s not to love?!?

For the kid

For the kid



*Brain Quest– My child LOVES these.  We’ve been using them for a few years and I always have a deck in my bag.  They’re great to pull out when waiting for a meal or in line at the store.  

*Notepad and really cool pencil you can change the colors of.  I’ve had that pencil since before I was pregnant.  I was thrilled when my child was out of the “sticking everything in his mouth” phase so we could use this.  He’s lost a few colors but it’s so handy!


Dine green


*Bamboo flatware set from To-go Ware.  I don’t always carry this with me, only if we’re going out to eat somewhere that doesn’t provide real silverware.  I usually bring a mason jar with me too if we’re going somewhere that uses disposable cups
*Glass straws from Moxie Glass in a hemp sleeve.  I love, love, love these things.  They are pretty much indestructible and if you manage to break yours she’ll replace it for you.  Moxie Glass is local to me too 🙂



Snack on!
Snack on!


I always, always have snacks with me. My blood sugar drops fast and I have a growing boy. Usually I have whatever we were able to get at Esh’s- our awesome discount grocery store.  We are trying to become a Zero Waste household but purse snacks are probably something I’ll always have…

*gimMe seaweed is something we almost always have with us.  My son and I both love it and it’s full of awesome trace minerals
*I usually have one protein with me too.  Olomomo nuts are made near me and have really unique flavors like Mango Chipotle Kettle, Cherry Vanilla and Chai Spice.  They’re a little pricy usually but Esh’s gets them in a lot so we stock up!  Justins Nut Butter is also local to me.  I usually have these in the glove box of my car for when I need a pick-me-up of protein.  These little packets are a single serving of nut butter mixed with things like honey or chocolate. EPIC bar I’m freaking obsessed with these things.  My in-laws got me a case of these Bison and Bacon bars for Christmas and we only have two left.  They’re Paleo, grass-fed and a super high-quality protein (they also source some of their Bison from Colorado!).  I would eat them every day if I could afford it (and so would my hubby and son).  These are always, always on me.

image_4 image_3

These are my miscellaneous items

*The purple bag has my Keeper Cup and a liner from Party in My Pants (yes… that’s the real brand name- best cloth pads ever…)  I only carry this when I think I might need it
*The little white things are called Wysi Wipes.  I keep them in a little baggy so they don’t get lost or dirty.  They’re awesome.  About the size of a dime just add a bit of water and they expand to about the size of a standard paper towel.  We use these for clean-ups all the time.  You can use them a few times and then compost when done
*I also usually carry a small super-absorbent towel that I got from REI but it’s in the wash 🙂
*Leatherman and glasses cleaning wipe- self explanatory

So there you have it. That’s what is in my bag when I’m out and about.  It doesn’t all fit in my bag but I don’t usually need it all at the same time.  

What’s in your bag?  Anything I’m missing 🙂

Disclaimer: The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.



2 thoughts on “What’s in my bag??”

  1. Thank you for including Wysi In Your Bag 🙂 Hope you’ll be pleased to learn wysi-baby has convenient travel tube w/ a dozen clean cloths. A tube is also part of the new Wysi Baby Starter Kit.

    If you ever need more than a fresh water clean, apply any liquids you speak of for a versatile multipurpose compostable cloth or compress [that doesn’t turn into laundry!]. Olvia its even great with a drop of lavender EO and tucked under a blanket to soothe a restless baby! Thanks again!


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