Added bonus!

I’m so excited!! This post is my first affiliate post and it’s for something I’ve been totally in love with for the last couple years.  I know you’ll love it as much as I do

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!!!   I got my first bundle two years ago and I’m still using the books on nearly a daily basis and enjoying the amazing bonus offers.

This bundle is chock full of information on real food cooking, natural living, natural remedies, natural skincare, holiday prep, gluten free/ paleo and other special diet recipes and info, baby care, green living, cloth diapers and more!! Plus it includes free ecourses and bonuses offers.  The total value of this bundle would be $1,030 but it’s only $29.97!!  I’ve purchased two bundles and had one gifted to me and I devour every single one.  I actually have a notebook to jot down that I’ve learned.

I’m most excited about the FREE amber bracelet for baby or adults (just pay shipping).  I have been wearing an amber necklace as a bracelet for quite some time now to help with swelling and inflammation in my wrist- I can’t wait to get an actual bracelet!

I’m also really excited about the FREE ecourse on essential oils, and ebook on essential oils as I’ve been totally into learning about oils lately.

Every bundle has had great cookbooks in the past too and I know this one will.  Our family has really benefitted from all I’ve learned about cooking and EASY meal prep from the bundles in the past and this one won’t disasppoint.  From meal planning and budget advice to a FREE four week class about meal planning and even a FREE membership to a meal planning service.

AND this bundle comes with a guide to help you navigate all the great content.  This is something everyone can benefit and learn from plus the bonus offers more than pay for the bundle.

I’m so excited to dig into all this good stuff! This will be great reading material for my upcoming trip

The bonuses itself are more than worth the investment not to mention the 7 ecourses and 73 ebooks included in this bundle! 

And as an added bonus- this is my first legit-money making while blogging opportunity and I’ll earn a portion of every sale to put towards our debt 🙂  I know you’ll love it.

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