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So what DO you eat?

Raw Milk          Nourishing Traditions  Gluten Free                        Organic                 Bulk                                 Sugar Free            Lacto-Fermented....   WHAT?!?!? These are common phrases in our household when we talk about food. Food has… Continue reading So what DO you eat?

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Gluten Free Dining Guide

We have a lot of company coming into town over the next couple weeks so I created this dining guide for them. That way they can see the best choices for me, average choices and bad choices. Thought others might want to see it for themselves as well. It's a fairly comprehensive list of Denver-Metro… Continue reading Gluten Free Dining Guide

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GF Resources and my meals from last week!

A friend of a friend was just diagnosed with celiac. This is such a TOUGH tansition and seems so overwhelming at first. However, once you get used to it you don't really think about it much anymore. I don't really think about how different my diet is until I try to eat at a non-GF… Continue reading GF Resources and my meals from last week!