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Settling In (or you don’t need running water in order to be happy)

We’ve been in the Airstream for a few days now and so far we’re loving it. Yes, there is a HUGE learning curve and yes, we still have a lot to do in order to make it feel like home. Yet, we’re settling into our own place for the first time ever and it’s so nice. Every night at bedtime my son tells me how happy he is. I wake up in the morning and can’t even believe that this is my life! Yesterday we met a man who has been living in Airstreams for 35 years! The Airstream community is really welcoming and I can’t wait to connect more with it.
I’m excited about a lot of aspects of this lifestyle. The mobility is obviously appealing. I also like that it will help me connect with a community that doesn’t have to do with being sick. For the last few years, I feel like I’ve put so much time and energy in getting well. Nothing is inherently wrong with that, however, I feel like I might be holding myself back from getting well by being trapped in this world of connecting with other people who have the same health issues as me, blogging about my health issues, gobs and gobs and gobs of autoimmune disease Facebook groups. I feel like this is going to be a turning point for me in a lot of ways and hopefully, between our new Airstream life and homeschooling, I’ll be able to start healing more mentally and spiritually as well.
In more logistical terms, we’re missing a few things most people would consider necessary. Some by choice and some by finances. We don’t have running water inside. We kept having issue after issue after issue with the water. It was getting so frustrating and taking up too much time. A lot of the mold-illness recovery people that live in campers won’t have running water inside. I suggested to my hubby that we don’t have water for now. If they can do it, we can too. It saves us a lot of space by not needing the fresh water tank and saves me a lot of worry about having a leak that will lead to mold.
This has been a bit interesting to figure out as we, obviously, need water to survive. I know we’ll get into a rhythm and it’ll work out more. I’m hoping once we find a long-term place to stay, we can stay somewhere with a hose outside and maybe an outdoor shower. The campground we’re at right now doesn’t have any free water so we’re having to haul in water which is a bit time consuming. In the long run for me right now, this gives me the most peace of mind. And we don’t have to do any extra insulation for winter to keep the pipes from freezing!
We got a small oil-filled heater to use instead of the ducted heating. We didn’t feel like we could get the ducting clean enough and didn’t want to have propane burning. This little heater is incredible and I wish we’d have had one before!
Cooking has been interesting. Obviously, we cook all our food from scratch (except the occasional whole foods rotisserie chicken) and we cook 3 meals a day. At our last place, we did all our cooking with an Instant Pot and Toaster oven and it worked great. Currently, all we have is a 4-cup CrockPot, a blender, and a HotLogic. The crock and hot logic are AWESOME but they take time. At least 2 hours to cook anything. I love the HotLogic for our leftovers and I’m sure you’ll hear lots more about it. However, I really want to get another Instant Pot since I can only fit 2lbs of meat in my crock and can’t even get a pack of chicken wings n this one. I loved the saute feature the Instant Pot had. I also want to get a little electric burner like students use in college to cook. Then my hubby can make eggs again and we’d have a couple ways to cook food a bit quicker. We’ve been debating another toaster oven, I love to be able to roast squash but otherwise, I’m not much of a baker and could get by without an oven for a while.
We need to get our curtains finished. Right now they’re clipped on with clothespins. I’m so grateful I had them cut so we could have some privacy and light blocking.
We did what we’re calling a “soft move in.” We only moved in the absolute essentials and are keeping things packaged away in bags and plastic storage bins. We didn’t want to take any mold risks since there had been mold in here. We’ve remediated twice and it should be ok. I just couldn’t stand the idea of having to do this all over again.
So far I feel good. I’m not sleeping great but I think that’s because this campground is right next to a cell tower. I haven’t slept well when we’ve stayed here before.
I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months since we lost everything to mold. Almost 4 months of being homeless, scared and overwhelmed. There is going to be a learning curve to adapting to this lifestyle. After spending most of the summer sharing a small tent or a single bedroom we’re welcoming all 210 square feet of our very own space!!

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